[Histonet] what to do with a dead processor

Karla karla at dermatopathologynorthwest.com
Tue Oct 6 16:15:28 CDT 2015

Hello All,


I have a very old Leica 1050 tissue processor that is no longer running (bad
motherboard) and need the space that it is currently occupying. Any ideas
who might want this or how to get rid of it? I have contacted IMEB.and they
were not interested (which I fear may be the case for all used equipment
vendors). Also of concern is the fact that it has solidified paraffin
(contaminated with xylene) in the last 3 stations which I cannot seem to
remove.  Any suggestions as to how to remove the paraffin without any power
to the processor oven? 


Karla Carlmas

Dermatopathology NW PLLC

2330 130th ave NE ste 201

Bellevue, WA 98005




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