[Histonet] N/OFQ

Leila Etemadi leila.etemadi at med.lu.se
Tue Oct 6 07:38:43 CDT 2015

Hi Histoland,

I am planing to use *Anti-Nociception antibody* in a normal IHC procedure on the cryo-sectioned frozen rat brain to detect N/OFQ ( no tricky business such as injecting advance into the brain, developing special C1 or C5 etc. …)

Unfortunately, as I am looking more after a reference, I am finding less… I start to think, if this antibody is exist in the market how is it that no one used it through regular IHC steps, as all other anti bodies… 

I was wondering if any of you dear specialists out there has any tips or advice for me?!?!, If any one else came cross such a question…?!?!?!

Your valuable advices is gratefully appreciated in advance!

Have a lovely autumn day.

Leila :-)

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