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1.  Gram:  Sigma-Aldrich Accustain
2.  Gram:  Hard to see gram negative

1. GMS:  Grocott's Methenmmine Silver modified
2. GMS:  Switched from microwave to oven.  Too long (2 hours) and can't seem to get the fungi dark enough.


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These procedures are so common that without more information you are likely to get a lot of people sending you procedures that are identical to what you now use.

The questions we will ask are:
1) what procedures are using now?
2) what is it about your current procedures  that is not acceptable?

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Hi All Netters,

I need to get a better GMS and Gram stain.  If anyone could share their protocols where they get the solutions that would be fantastic.


Mehndi Helgren

Dominion Pathology Labs
Norfolk, VA (AKA Hurricane Central)  :)

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