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Abbott, Tanya TanyaAbbott at catholichealth.net
Wed Jun 17 13:00:50 CDT 2015

HI all,
I've had the pleasure of meeting Adelle and two of our students! She has a wonderful program; her students are knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Please help her out wherever you can!
Tanya Abbott 
St Joseph Medical Center
Reading PA

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   1. (no subject) (srishan at mail.holyname.org)
   2. Myogenin (Vanessa Keeton)
   3. high school donations (Schade, Adelle)
   4. Decontamination of Ventana Ultra (Victoria Baker)
   5. Fairbanks, Alaska job opening (Travel Histotech HTL)
   6. Bond Max Available (Richard Yeo)


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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:16:30 -0400
From: srishan at mail.holyname.org
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Hi All,

Does anyone know where we could get the original grey antibody storage racks used to store antibodies in the refrigerator?  We are using ventana antibodies. 
Thanks in advance.


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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 15:40:32 -0400
From: Vanessa Keeton <vanessa.keeton03 at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Histonet] Myogenin
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I am looking for information on Myogenin IHC stain such as origin/history, uses, and any other pertinent information for a research paper for college.

Thank you in advance.


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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 20:33:19 +0000
From: "Schade, Adelle" <a_schade at conradweiser.org>
To: "histonet at lists.utsouthwestern.edu"
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Subject: [Histonet] high school donations
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I am posting to ask for any information or direction this group may be able to give (or leads for contacts) concerning the possibility of donations to a high school science/ histology laboratory.

I am a high school teacher (Conrad Weiser HS, Robesonia, PA) and Cell/ Molecular Biology PhD student (Univ. of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA).  I developed a histology laboratory this year in my high school and it has taken off!  The students are extremely interested in learning and experimenting utilizing histological technique.  I am holding a summer program opening the lab for students to work.  Initially I thought I would have 5 to 10 students that would want to work over the summer; 28 students are attending.  It is inspiring to see such enthusiasm!  With this in mind, I would like to try to accumulate some additional equipment/ supplies.  If you know of any laboratories that are closing/ shutting down/ or equipment/supplies that are not being utilized and there is a possibility of donating these items to a public high school please email me off list (a_schade at conradweiser.org<mailto:a_schade at conradweiser.org>).  We are looking for any histology related equipment and supplies (especially a tissue processor- we are manually processing at this point); as well as any basic laboratory equipment/ supplies (glassware, micropipettes, heating mantles, etc.)

Thank you for your time.  I love reading the informative posts on this listserv!
Have a great summer,
Adelle Schade

Ms. Adelle L. Schade, B.S., M.Ed., M.S.
Conrad Weiser High School
Anatomy and Physiology Teacher
44 Big Spring Rd.
Robesonia, PA  19551
a_schade at conradweiser.org
610-693-8599 ext. 6736


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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:59:11 -0400
From: Victoria Baker <bakevictoria at gmail.com>
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	histonet <histonet at pathology.swmed.edu>
Subject: [Histonet] Decontamination of Ventana Ultra
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Recently we were told that we could no longer use our Bio-med department for doing decontamination of our instruments and that the techs would be given an in-service to learn how to do them.  I remember this process as long and messy.  The Ventana rep has explained to the staff as being approx. 5 hours and not difficult to do.  I remember it differently so I'd like to see what other Ventana users are doing with this process.

Here are my questions:

Are you currently using in house Bio-engineering to do your quarterly cleanings?

Do you pay Ventana to come in and do it?

Are you having technical staff do it on off hours?  Then give them time off another day?

How extensive of a decontamination do you do?  (ex - cleaning filters, extra DI rinses, pH testing of containers to be sure all cleaning reagents have been removed, forced air drying of bulk containers -

Have you had problems with air pressure error codes or do you increase the pressure to handle the increased fluid flow?

Have you ever had overflow problems that damaged the instrument?

How many instruments do you have?

These are the basic questions, but if anyone has any further information or ideas - I would appreciate hearing them.




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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 21:16:28 -0700
From: Travel Histotech HTL <travelhistotech at hotmail.com>
To: "histonet at lists.utsouthwestern.edu"
	<histonet at lists.utsouthwestern.edu>
Subject: [Histonet] Fairbanks, Alaska job opening
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Hello everyone and especially adventurous job seekers, 

I?m a travel histotech currently contracting at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in sunny Fairbanks, Alaska where they have a full time opening for either a licensed or unlicensed histotech. It has not been advertised yet, so if you (or anyone you know) are fun and energetic and especially adventurous and would like to experience something different, contact the Laboratory Department Manager: Roger Herron at Roger.Herron at bannerhealth.com 

Or, feel free to contact me to find out more about the job first hand at travelhistotech at hotmail.com.
Fairbanks is definitely an unforgettable adventure. Check it out: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.explorefairbanks.com_&d=AwICAg&c=ND-Z_FnoJTOCBd6ZraMT0-wJD0GDS_U0VV_Zq7yxAI4&r=hZcGVKviJYVs6fzc5J4jSeysau9AxOWpKXzfQgGZmaw&m=Pq8lGo9vBgVTPM4zyPM7eBABVVQ6LIhqHAGCtKc2IZI&s=9pI-m4q0fB6ba_Enc48LpBBF8WVw0k1JPv7hc9nocc0&e=  


Jonathan Ward Edmondson, HTL



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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:36:21 +0000
From: Richard Yeo <ryeo at wchosp.org>
To: "histonet at lists.utsouthwestern.edu"
	<histonet at lists.utsouthwestern.edu>
Subject: [Histonet] Bond Max Available
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I have a four year old Leica Bond Max just out of cocntract. Used very little, and is in good shape.

We are going to sell it. If any one is interested please contact me. It has had its yearly PM's and has all the accessories with it.

Thank you

Rich Y

Histology Supervisor

Wooster Community Hospital

1761 Beall Ave.

Wooster Ohio 44691

330-263 8563


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