[Histonet] need manual for Tetrander sliding microtome

Maria Mejia mbmphoto at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 00:35:20 CDT 2015


My PI recently purchased a Tetrander sliding microtome t from Jung (made in Germany).
It's the first time I'd seen such a microtome - which by the way weighs 240lb.
The only thing I could on the microtome is #18768 R. Lung A6 Heidelberg.  This thing
is a bit of a monster of cast iron.

If someone - anyone - could kindly help me find a manual for this thing I would greatly appreciate it.
We are also looking for a vendor that sells a 50cm stainless steel Profile A type knife - which
should fit this monster.

Any help anyone can provide is very much welcomed.

Maria Mejia
Sandler Neuroscience Building
San Francisco, CA

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