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We ID the specimens with numbers OR letters to differentiate between "type" of sample received.  
The ID on the specimen workup sheet is always the same as the ID on the block and slide.

A single large mass cut into multiple pieces is numbered 1, 2, etc.
Different masses from a single accession are differentiated by letters; if large enough for multiple sections per mass, they are labeled A1, A2 etc.

If we receive specimens with unique ID, e.g. cervical, thoracic and lumbar, we label C1, C2 . .  T1, T2 . . etc. to eliminate the need for the pathologist to refer to the worksheet to determine which slides are which.


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We have always accessioned specimens with multiple parts as 1, 2, 3, etc. and the corresponding paraffin blocks as A, B, C, etc.  We are in the process of changing this to letters for the different specimen parts and numbers for the blocks.  For those of you who do it this way, have you encountered any problems?  For example, if the specimen arrives and the different parts are numbered, do you simply convert them to letters?  Thank you.


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