[Histonet] Cerebro or AB&T along with Cerner Millennium (Janineh, Marcie)

Michelle Lamphere MICHELLE.LAMPHERE at childrens.com
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We have Cerner Millenium and just went live with AB&T.  I do not know anything about Cerebro, but what I know of AB&T so far is that it is does not do a whole lot of things that I wish it did.  Such as, I cannot easily generate any kind of report regarding the data (turn-around times) that is collected. I can go into each individual case and see each step of the process, but not any sort of collective data for a time/date range.  Also, the support we have gotten from Cerner for the entire process has been lacking.  We did eventually (towards the very end of the build) get a person who was responsive and helpful, but if we had not insisted on that, we would have had no training whatsoever.  We were given a spreadsheet and told to fill in the blanks.  We did not have a person from Cerner physically here when we went live.  All problems have had to be addressed over the phone because the person that we do have on site is a contract Cerner person who had never had any knowledge of AP prior to this project.  Whatever equipment you have that you will need to interface, I would make sure that you work those details out in advance.  Cerner really tried to gouge us with pricing of interfaces.  Everything is based on your current equipment, not the equipment that you have when the project actually goes live either.  If you want to know more, feel free to contact me directly

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Anyone using either AB&T or Cerebro along with Cerner Millennium? If so, would you be willing to share your experiences?

Thanks in advance,

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