[Histonet] Safranin O/ Fast green - protocol without alcohol

M.O. modz9636 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 17:33:07 CDT 2015


Our go-to stain is SafO for any bone/cartilage, but we always have the
option to use toluidine or alcian blue.

Just going out on a limb, but has anyone stained tissues with SafO/Fast
Green, without using any alcohols after the SafO step?  These samples have
some issues when put into alcohol and if we wash the SafO in water, instead
of alcohol, the stain isn't correct.

What is it about the alcohol step after SafO that makes it work so well?
And why does water cause such a problem?

Next week, I will try a lower alcohol percentage after the SafO step to see
how that works.


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