[Histonet] 12ml tubes for Dako IHC stainers

Hugh Luk hlukey at msn.com
Wed Jul 8 19:28:34 CDT 2015

Hi Sally,

Sarstedt (Germany) used to make these.  Cat #62.732.512, but my web inquiry leads to a null field(??).  Per Histosearch, distributors used to include Labvision (purchased by Thermo) and Fisher (also purchased by Thermo).  My search on Thermo-Fisher shows they still have (excerpt below), but my institutional price is  $371 for 100-15ml tubes.  Hope your price is less ...traumatic.

If your price is also high, Sarstedt's Nevada or North Carolina office might be helpful?  [Sarstedt.com, (West Coast Sales) NV-USA, 800-257-5101 (only in the USA), E-Mail: customerservice at sarstedt.us]

Anyone else found a 750 mm x 200 mm (hopefully) sterile vial or tube that can be used as a replacement?  I am having no luck.


ps. not affiliated with any groups above.  Just old.

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> Can anyone recommend a vendor for the 12ml tubes that are used on original
> Dako stainers other than Dako?
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> Sally Price

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We order reagent vials from Labvision through Fisher#S20002. You get
100-15 ml. vials for $40. They are exactly the same as the ones from



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