[Histonet] Histonet Digest, Vol 140, Issue 6 Specimen loss

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whoa! 7% of specimens? Working in a high volume colonoscopy laboratory for 4 years, I've only had two specimens that were so minute there was nothing at embedding.  Bio-wraps or lens paper is a must.  

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My goodness 7% tissue loss is ridiculous.
What fool published that?

A 0.8% "loss of tissue" is beyond me.
Would any one advertise in the local paper that your center of excellence lab loses nearly 1% of your specimens?

"possibly too small to survive processing" is in my opinion, a self-fulfilling prophesy,
one to be eschewed and denounced,
or beaten out of the grosser who dares use that description for it is an expectation of failure.
That grosser would not last a week around me.
I would walk them to the train station and ask them not to return.

I felt less cantankerous before I read that one.
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