[Histonet] Trichrome troubleshooting

Terri Braud tbraud at holyredeemer.com
Wed Jul 1 12:20:29 CDT 2015

Please clarify if you are referring to the Aniline blue, or the Hematoxylin blue.  I, also, have never heard of using Gills in association with any Trichrome stain, but as a long time user and educator of using a one-step (Gomori's) trichrome stain (which is the Leica blue collagen stain), if you rinse with any water between the stain step and the acetic acid step, you will end up with a stain that is overpoweringly blue.
Here are the steps copied from the Leica blue collagen kit instructions.  Notice NO WATER RINSE between the stain and Acetic Acid Solution.  It is a common mistake.
10. Gently mix the Gomori's Trichrome Blue Solution by swirling and allow to stand for 6 minutes.
11. Place sections in 1% Acetic Acid solution for 1 minute.
I hope this helps. Sincerely, Terri

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2. Trichrome troubleshooting (Suzanne Martin)
From: "Suzanne Martin" <smartin at lcpath.com>
Hi all,

We are having trouble troubleshooting our trichrome. It is too blue. We are using Leica's kit with the Weigerts iron with Gills. Most of the small bowel controls have seen improvement but patient tissue is not... strange. 

We have tried lessening the time in Gills, adding time for the last acid step, even lessening time and adding time in the Weigerts. 
Thank you.
Suzanne HT

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