[Histonet] CAP and Special Stains Question

Diana Martinez-Longoria Diana.Martinez-Longoria at ecrmc.org
Tue Dec 1 12:29:11 CST 2015

Good day,

I have a question that hopefully I can get help:

We are preparing for our CAP Inspection for 2016. The ANP: 21395 requirements states:

For special stains, including histochemical stains, and studies using immunologic and FISH/ISH methodology, positive and negative controls are verified and recorded as acceptable prior to or concurrent with the reporting of patient results and records maintained.

Evidence of Compliance:

Records for verification of control acceptability (prior to completion of associated cases)

What I understand from this requirement is not only do they want a positive control compliance but also a negative control compliance for special stains, so if we need a negative controls for special stains how do you go around doing a negative control? Do we use a tissue not specific for the special stain such as an Congo Red using a tissue without amyloid or eliminate a reagent from the protocol? Please help! Thanks!

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