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It may not state it directly in either CAP or GLP guidelines but in a GLP compliant lab it is considered an industry standard not to use white out.  As a GLP compliant lab we have an entire SOP devoted to data entry.

If an error is made when data is being recorded or you notice an error at a later date when the form is being reviewed, even if it is on a QC checklist there are specific procedures that are followed.  You can not scribble over or abliterate what was written, you need to line through the error, make the correction and then explain why the form has been corrected, initial and date.  We use a series of codes one of them being RE - recording error.  We have these codes posted all over the lab as a form so individuals will use the codes and record data properly.

I would have to say from experience that the biggest problem we encounter with data entry is scribbling over a recording error because that is a habit we all have and it does take some training to educate individuals in correct data entry.  


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Does anyone know where it says not to use white out on logs in the laborator=
y?  On logs, etc?

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