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Goetz, Freya E. GoetzF <@t> si.edu
Fri Sep 12 16:06:44 CDT 2014

Hello All,

We have a Leica histoembedder that is on the fritz. It works well and is quite convenient as long as it decides to turn on. Leica is insanely expensive for any service call and, depending on the price of the embedder, it could be cheaper to buy a new one.

I am writing to find out if anyone has opinions on tissue embedding equipment. Our lab is small and we don't have more than one person working at a time but hopefully in the future we will have more users. Money is definitely a constraint but we don't want to throw away money at a machine that won't last a long time.

We are looking into modular options and going very simple (e.g. Paraffin dispenser and metal plate that we would keep in the freezer). The latter would be very cheap but I'm not sure if it would be ideal. Our current machine has the problem that if the cooling plate breaks down, the whole machine won't work and like I said, Leica has ridiculous service prices.

I can see that the great price differences in embedding stations depend on the number of bells and whistles but I am not convinced that they are worth the additional price. Does anyone have a brand they like or dislike? Does anyone have an opinion on getting a modular embedder where the cooling plate is separate from the heating module but they fit together instead of a one-piece embedder? Is it worth it to get an embedder that is $13K over a $4k-$8K machine? I am also wondering if anyone has a lab without an embedding machine and if so, what equipment you have.

I like EMS as a company and they have two embedders but I have no idea about the quality of their equipment. I have only ordered reagents and consumables from EMS. So far they have never disappointed me. Ted Pella also has a reasonably priced modular embedding station that looks alright.

Any cents from the wise and experienced are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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Department of Invertebrate Zoology
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Washington, DC

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