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Here is how I would approach the problem.  We would use the basic mathematical equation of the following  (in order for this to work you need to keep the units the same)

V1 x C1 = V2 x C2

V1 - volume of stock solution needed - this is what you are solving for
C1 - concentration of stock solution - you know this its 1.56 mg/ml or 1560 ug/ml (there are 1000 ug in one mg)
V2 - volume of final solution needed - I put an arbitrary volume of 10 mls needed
C2 - concentration of final solution - you know this its 0.8ug/ml

V1 x 1560 ug/ml = 10ml x 0.8 ug/ml --- see how I made sure the units were the same I changed the mg/ml to ug/ml

V1 = .0005 mls  and then I would need 9.9995 mls of diluent to make up my 0.8ug/ml concentration, you can change this to be expressed in microliters by multiplying each number by 1000.  

So in uls -  V1 = 0.5 uls and 9999.5 uls

from there you can determine the titer which is your total volume divided by the volume of concentrated antibody


That would be a 1:20,000 dilution

For a dilution such as this I would make up a stock solution of either 1:100 or 1:1000 and then dilute from there.

Now its time for the rest of you to check my math, did I do this correctly?????  I went over it a few times, but you never know..............

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To all you math whiz out there, please help with this math dilution.

If my Ab conc is 1.56 mg/mL and they want to optimize to 0.8 ug/mL, what dilution should I use?



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