Klaus Dern klaus.dern44 <@t> gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 11:27:31 CST 2014

If you are using one of the below mentioned microtomes and the advance
mechanism is worn out ( too much play between spindle and spindle nut ),
you could be faced with purchasing a new microtome.

                REICHERT/JUNG   2030
                LEICA        RM      2125
                LEICA                   2030 Biocut
                LEICA/JUNG          2035
                LEICA - CM           1800 Cryostat
                SAKURA - SRM     200

These models are no longer supported by the manufacturer, ( no parts
availability ).

Rather than replacing these excellent instruments, I have a PERMANENT
solution to fix this problem.

For information please contact:

Klaus Dern
Phone: 706 635-8840
E-Mail: klaus.dern44 <@t> gmail.com

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