[Histonet] anti-roll plate damage?

Bain,Virginia VEBain <@t> mdanderson.org
Mon Nov 3 11:34:06 CST 2014


	Our lab recently got a new cryostat (a cryostar NX50).  It sees light to
moderate usage (3 - 20 hours a week) and has been operational for about 3
weeks.  It has had a host of problems since we received it (shipped with a
busted motor and the sensor in the window did not detect when it was shut
which lead to some kind of short and killed the lighting system).  I am
hesitant to contact the rep again (they¹ve told us they¹re tired of
hearing from us) until I¹m certain this is not user error of some sort.

	For the most part we have been getting nice clean sections.  Every so
often we start getting lines and tears which continue even when the blade
is moved or replaced.  Twice now we have resolved this issue by rotating
the anti-roll plate to a smooth edge.  When we encounter this problem I
find that the anti-roll plate is jagged to the touch, which is I think
what is causing the tears.  I see that some people suggest smoothing the
anti-roll plate out on an emory board when it gets rough but this seems
very early in the life of the anti-roll plate to me.  In my previous lab
we used the same anti-roll plate without issue for about 2 years with
heavy usage (50-70 hours a week) and so I¹m wondering why this anti-roll
plate is encountering so much damage?

Thanks for the help!

Virginia Bain
Postdoctoral Fellow
Richie Lab
M D Anderson - Science Park

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