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Hi C.A.,

I don't have the HT or HTL, but from my college teaching experience in histology and histotechniques, I just wanted to caution you that memorizing is not what you should be doing. You need to understand concepts, so that when you need to troubleshoot problems you will be able to think through things, rule some things out, and make sense of the situation. I see this all the time with my students, they forget things they memorize, but then they finally understand things and can figure things out. One of the new teaching tools is having students prepare "concept maps," to see the relationships of topics and terms, and these linkages will help you in the long run. For histology examples, see: http://www.biologycorner.com/anatomy/tissues/tissue_concept_map_samples.html

I don't know of any concept maps for histotechnology on the web, but I am going to add this to my course next year!


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Hello everyone,

I'm starting to prepare for my HTL certification (I am very nervous
and anxious but also very excited about this decision to go for it).

I was just curious to know how you guys prepared for it, and how long it
took for you to prepare before taking the test. Will 6 months preparation
be enough? (I know that may depend on the individual; it's just that I
had my Masters over 10 years ago and I haven't studied this much since

I have Freida L. Carson's 3rd Edition book -- quite daunting to memorize --
but the outline ASCP  has provided for study seems to be helpful. Do you
have any other book/study aid suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your input and advice!
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