[Histonet] Pathology Transcription

Sheila Haas smah2 <@t> msn.com
Tue Jul 8 11:45:16 CDT 2014

I have a couple of questions...
One, what do you all use for resources for finding a good pathology transcriptionist? We've done the
typical things but have been unable to fill our open position with a strong candidate.
Second, I would like to cut down on the amount of paper shuffling our transcription department does.
It's unbelievable! The transcriptionist handles the paperwork about 4-5 times before it is stacked and prepared by another area for scanning. Any suggestions? We cannot go completely paperless at this time due to the
upfront expense but I am interested in trimming down the handling that is done in transcription so the 
transcriptionist can focus more on typing rather than hunting requisitions. Part of the issue is the pathologists
desire to hold each requisition in their hands so I am fighting that battle as well.
Thank you in advance for your input! I'd appreciate any suggestions.
Sheila Haas
MicroPath Laboratories, Inc.

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