[Histonet] Your experience with barcoding and materials tracking in grossing and histology

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Tue Apr 29 11:13:54 CDT 2014

Hi all, I am giving a talk at NSH about implementing barcoding and materials tracking in histology. I have that experience with Cerner Copath AB&T, but not other systems. I'd like to hear from others, especially with other systems, about their experiences in implementing barcoding in their lab with their own LIS, third party vendors (ie, Vantanage, Cerebro, Lab Lion, Dako, others). Pros and cons, lessons learned, etc that would help others starting down that path. The point of the talk is the generalities of implementation, not a marketing talk on any particular system, though I would like to know why you chose a given system, whether you were able to use your own LIS for barcoding or had to use a third party vendor.

Thanks in advance for any and all information.

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