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Ideally, you should always use a chemical in its highest purity grade BUT this refers to analytical chemistry procedures were you are "looking for something chemically" and do not want to introduce any impurities. 
To be used as a "mordant" in the always "chemically obscure" histology procedures, I think you are fine with a less "chemically pure" ferric ammonium sulfate that will always absorb water changing the "purity" state of the original.
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Good morning everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on where to buy ferric ammonium sulfate. I want to use it as a mordant for Heidenhain's hematoxylin and I want to buy the solid chemical. I looked for the options on Sigma and the price varies tenfold between options. Most of them are 99% pure so I am wondering what I should be looking for in a mordant quality chemical and what companies are the best for histological reagents.

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