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    Leica instruments are usuly over-engineered finickey pains in the neck
that work fantastic when they want to but  really want to try to fly out
the window with troubling regularity.
     Our IPs has been babied for a long time. The ink on these tends to get
really gummy after a while. You are doing it a great service by cleaning it
and changing the ink regularly. The problem you are likely having is in the
path between the ink and the nozzle. Mike Saia from Belair showed me an
awesome trick. It is messy though. Take an old print cartridge and cut a
hole in the top. Dump out the ink and clean the hell out of it with
ethanol. Then fill the cartridge with fresh 100% ethanol and switch this
out with the current cartridge. Prime the pump several times until the
black tube in the front clears so you can see fluid passing through it.
Then swap out the cartridge again and prime the pump again. It should clean
the line.
    We recently also had our pump die on us. All the cleaning in the world
wouldnt have helped. This needed a service call to fix. Belair has been
fantastic. If you can get Mike, he is a wiz with these things.

Best of luck,


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Hi Histonet,

I was wondering if anyone else has problems with their Leica IP S slide
printer.  We are having issues with incomplete and inconsistent printing.
 We clean the machine daily before use and have even tried not cleaning it
to see if that would help!   We also change the ink cartridge every 3
months per Leica recommendation.  I'd love to hear from other people who
use this machine.   Thanks in advance for your help!


Erin Galati, HT (ASCP

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