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How is everyone tracking their ER/PR results to comply with the following:


Annual Result Comparison

Phase I

For immunohistochemical and FISH/ISH tests that provide independent predictive information, the laboratory at least annually compares its patient results with published benchmarks, and evaluates interobserver variability among the pathologists in the laboratory.

NOTE: Individuals interpreting the assay must also have their concordance compared with each other and this concordance should also be at least 95%.

With specific reference to estrogen and progesterone receptor studies: in general, the overall proportion of ER-negative breast cancers (invasive and DCIS) should not exceed 30%. The average is somewhat lower in postmenopausal than premenopausal women (approximately 20% vs. 35%). The average is considerably lower in well-differentiated carcinomas (<10%) and certain special types of invasive carcinomas (<10% in lobular, tubular, and mucinous types). The proportion of PgR-negative cases is 10-15% higher than for ER in each of these settings. Investigation is warranted if the proportion of negative cases is significantly higher in any of these settings.

Our LIS doesn't have an easy way of compiling these results.  Basically, we are stuck with searching all cases with ER/PR done and manually reading and recording results.  Does anyone have a good shortcut or idea of how to compile these results when your LIS doesn't keep track of the results for you?

Thanks in advance!

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