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Fri Sep 20 09:36:12 CDT 2013

Hey, I'm boiling some molds now on a hot plate, in hot soapy water, in a metal paraffin pot.  

Oh and the left over coffee from yesterday might melt the nitrile. Depending on who made it.


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will hot coffee melt the nitrile?

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Back in the 70's we would boil metal base molds in water using a bunsen
burner and a 3 legged ring stand.
On Sep 20, 2013 9:37 AM, "Davis, Cassie" <CDavis <@t> che-east.org> wrote:

> Hi Valerie,
>     When I started in Histo in 90' everybody used the alcohol
> burners...Open flame concern became a concerned and the separate forcep
> warmers were purchase because the old embedding centers did not have the
> nice warmers like the new ones do. The last place I worked at had an old
> embedding center when I started but we weren't allowed open flames.
> Fortunately, we found an unused Bacteria Incinerator that Micro. wasn't
> using and used that until that embedding center died. That worked great!
> Cassandra Davis
> CDavis <@t> che-east.org
> 302-575-8095

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