[Histonet] Sakura Prisma stainer/film coverslipper

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Just a thought in answering Cassie's comments related to the Symphony 
product.  I am in the software business and a number of companies are 
now attempting to integrate the tracking system into their hardware 
products in an attempt to make them "appear" to be more full featured. 
 If specimen or custody tracking is a factor in your decision making 
you need to seriously consider what you may end up with when there are 
other software products out there that are far superior and less costly 
thus allowing you to purchase the hardware based solely on its merits 
in the histology process.  I can provide you with a source to the 
software if tracking is an interest and you will be shocked by its 
combination of functionality/cost value.  To prove my point, there are 
a number of very large laboratories in the country using this product. 
 Contact me for more info. 

Bill Hughes
NetSoft Inc. 
866-463-8763 Office - Ext. 111

On Thu, 12 Sep 2013 13:27:10 -0400, "Davis, Cassie" 
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Hi Haley, we've been using this H & E stainer and tape coverslipper for 
about 5 years with pretty good results even though we do not have the 
piece to link the two together. The very few problems we have had are 
related to lack of daily maintenance which is minimal. We are in the 
process of "handing it down" to cytology and trying to use the new 
Symphony for H &E because of the tracking system option. The folks that 
do the microtomy are not happy because using the trays are more time 
consuming due to the "learning curve" (we are told), which is the 
trade-off. I hope this helps. 
> Cassandra Davis
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> 302-575-8095
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> Hi all,
> I am trying to decide on what equipment to purchase. I have picked 
> the processor, microtomes, embedding centers and a few other pieces, 
> but now I still need to decide on the H&E Stainer and the 
> immunostainer. My options I have in front of me are for the H&E 
> stainer are Sakura Prisma stainer/film coverslipper and the Leica 
> ST5020-CV5030 stainer/glass coverslipper. For the Immunostainer, I am 
> looking at the Dako Autostainer and the Leica Bond Max. Any advice on 
> any of these instruments would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to 
> finalize my decision pretty quickly. Thank you in advance for any 
> input. 
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