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As far as stainer and coverslipper, I think it comes down to personal preference. I've used both, and I think both are very good. 

When it comes to Immunostainer, I'm familiar with Ventana, Dako, Thermo Scientific Autostainer (Labvision) and Bond Max. I do not like the Dako/Thermo platform at all. I really, really like the Bond Max. But then again, that is my personal preference and opinion.


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I actually know all the equipment. Well, I know 3 of the pieces really well, the Leica Bond Max is new to me. I did go to another lab to see it as well as the Leica stainer/coverslipper. I was impressed with the Bond Max, not as much with the coverslipper part of the stainer/coverslipper. The big issue I am having is if I want to go with the Bond Max, I technically need to go with the Leica stainer/coverslipper because it is lumped into a big package deal. If I want the Sakura Prisma stainer/film coverslipper, I go with the Dako immunostainer. I am having trouble deciding. It is boiling down to money, which sucks since I might be forced to go with something that I might not be happy with in the future.


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I used the Sakura and the Dako, but it seems that the Leica Bond Max is getting popularity. Why don't you  go to a lab where they are in use and take a look?
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Hi all,

I am trying to decide on what equipment to purchase. I have picked the processor, microtomes, embedding centers and a few other pieces, but now I still need to decide on the H&E Stainer and the immunostainer. My options I have in front of me are for the H&E stainer are Sakura Prisma stainer/film coverslipper and the Leica ST5020-CV5030 stainer/glass coverslipper. For the Immunostainer, I am looking at the Dako Autostainer and the Leica Bond Max. Any advice on any of these instruments would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to finalize my decision pretty quickly. Thank you in advance for any input.

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