[Histonet] Equipment selection

P.E. Visser pev <@t> xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 12 13:03:22 CDT 2013


Maybe you know but sakura also offers a glas coverslipper in combination
with their prisma stainer.

i have worked with both strainers and definitely would select the prisma.
the Leica system splashes (or drops) solutions on its way from bath to bath.
look at an older system and you will see stain drops where you don't expect
them. also there water bathes are assigned per position to a stain that is
way less flexible then the sakura system where the watherbathes form a groop
and the stainer selects which one is free. in our case we limmeted the
amount of different stains in both machines to allow higher HE trughput.

I wil gladly supply you with more information.


Piet visser




Hi all,


I am trying to decide on what equipment to purchase. I have picked the
processor, microtomes, embedding centers and a few other pieces, but now I
still need to decide on the H&E Stainer and the immunostainer. My options I
have in front of me are for the H&E stainer are Sakura Prisma stainer/film
coverslipper and the Leica ST5020-CV5030 stainer/glass coverslipper. For the
Immunostainer, I am looking at the Dako Autostainer and the Leica Bond Max.
Any advice on any of these instruments would be greatly appreciated. I am
trying to finalize my decision pretty quickly. Thank you in advance for any


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