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If buying the Bond means that you are forced to "swallow" the Leica coverslipper go with Sakura and Dako.
If they are making that "package" is because the Bond sells well but they are having to "swallow" the coverslipper. Price is important but in the long run it is better to increase productivity and avoid problems. The Sakura is much faster than the Leica coverslipper.
René J.

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I actually know all the equipment. Well, I know 3 of the pieces really well, the Leica Bond Max is new to me. I did go to another lab to see it as well as the Leica stainer/coverslipper. I was impressed with the Bond Max, not as much with the coverslipper part of the stainer/coverslipper. The big issue I am having is if I want to go with the Bond Max, I technically need to go with the Leica stainer/coverslipper because it is lumped into a big package deal. If I want the Sakura Prisma stainer/film coverslipper, I go with the Dako immunostainer. I am having trouble deciding. It is boiling down to money, which sucks since I might be forced to go with something that I might not be happy with in the future.
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I used the Sakura and the Dako, but it seems that the Leica Bond Max is getting popularity. Why don't you  go to a lab where they are in use and take a look?
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Hi all,

I am trying to decide on what equipment to purchase. I have picked the processor, microtomes, embedding centers and a few other pieces, but now I still need to decide on the H&E Stainer and the immunostainer. My options I have in front of me are for the H&E stainer are Sakura Prisma stainer/film coverslipper and the Leica ST5020-CV5030 stainer/glass coverslipper. For the Immunostainer, I am looking at the Dako Autostainer and the Leica Bond Max. Any advice on any of these instruments would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to finalize my decision pretty quickly. Thank you in advance for any input.

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