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Thank you for your kind responses.
Are there any circumstances when an edge-effect could be misinterpreted as a
specific nuclear staining like ER-IHC?  =false positive staining


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Sometimes edges of tissues can get more stain due to disruption of edge's
cells more than center during the antigen retrieval. But this is not  false
positivity. It must pay attention to this situation

On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 7:50 PM, Teri Johnson <TJohnson <@t>> wrote:

> Ditto to what Tim said (as usual!) What is often referred to as "edge 
> artifact" is sometimes excellent staining due to the edges fixed early 
> and well, and the interior of the tissue poorly penetrated and not as 
> well fixed. You can usually tell because the staining pattern is 
> correct and well demarcated, and easily distinguishable from the type 
> seen in drying artifact.
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