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Wed Sep 11 09:57:20 CDT 2013

How do you gain credits? Do you get them for attending seminars or do you
have to take actual courses?
Are these the CME's I always see noted for lectures? I never knew what
those were for.


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On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 10:46 AM, Marcum, Pamela A <PAMarcum <@t> uams.edu>wrote:

> Agreed and now that the registries for HT and HTL require credits to
> remain registered it does help with keeping people in the area learning and
> growing.  The point that other than the front office for NSH is a well
> taken point and the rest are volunteers.   I am not always sure the front
> office understands hospitals, private labs, universities etc. are not
> sending anyone to meetings or really encouraging further education for most
> lab staffs.  Histology here can get registration paid for and everything
> else is on the person attending for transportation/room and board and all
> other expenses we are not able to go to meetings in far flung places.
> Pam Marcum

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