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Thu Sep 12 07:38:10 CDT 2013

I need a little help on a Patient’s rights question.

It is my understanding that when a patient has a procedure, the patient has the right to request that those specimens be examined by a laboratory of their choosing.  i.e. EGD, colonoscopy, etc

I am in Arkansas.  

My father had a procedure yesterday at a local hospital.  I manage a pathology laboratory that specializes in the type of tissue that the procedure procured.  When it was requested that the tissue be sent to my laboratory, the hospital staff refused to fulfill the request.  We asked multiple times for a release form so my father could take his tissue with him.  The administration employee we spoke to said there was no such thing and that patients were not allowed to take their specimens. One employee going so far as stating that if we wanted the tissue sent somewhere aside from their contracted laboratory, that the procedure would be canceled and my father would have to go somewhere else.   My father, not wanting to cause a fuss, let the issue go.   


Is it legal for a hospital to require that tissue specimens be sent to a lab they are contracted with? 

Are there any other actions we could have taken to make our requests be honored?

This is not meant to insult the hospital, but to give an explanation of the situation for context in answering the questions.

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