[Histonet] CLIA requirements

Jon Hannasch jon2038433 <@t> maricopa.edu
Wed Sep 11 02:13:34 CDT 2013

Hello, I have two questions. 1.) is there a CLIA email newsletter I can sign up for? And 2.) Does CLIA require a laboratory to have at least 1 certified Histotechnician? I work in a small urology histology lab where there are 2 histotechs (1 certified and 1 uncertified.) This lab is located in AZ. One of the histotechs went to school to be a histotech but never got certified and the other went to school and is certified (HT). The histotechs do the accessioning/grossing and general histotech duties. Because our lab is CLIA certified and soon to be CAP certified I was wondering if it was necessary to have at least 1 certified tech working there or if we can get by with just the uncertified tech who has been doing the job for about 10 years but only went to college and is uncertified. Thanks in advanced for the information!

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