[Histonet] gram stain

Caitlin Hesketh caithesketh <@t> gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 09:04:34 CDT 2013

I'm having some QC issues lately with my gram stain. The gram positive
bacteria on the control slide are only mostly gram positive. It seems
positive in some areas and negative in others. It's not like only the
higher portions are positive either, it's patchy. When I differentiate
dipping the slide once is too little (negatives are still positive and lots
of background staining with crystal violet) and two dips is too many
(patchy positives). I don't know how to do one and a half dips. Has anyone
else ever had this problem or any suggestions?

I'm using Poly Scientific's stain with crystal violet, gram's iodine,
acetone:alcohol 1:1 for differentiation, and Safronin O for the

Thank you!
Caitlin Hesketh

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