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Recommended melting point of paraffin is 2-4 degrees above the melting 
point of the paraffin.  Because we really don't see paraffins that would 
have a melting point of 46, the BEST answer would be 58-70.  Perhaps not 
what we do, but the best answer for the choices provided.

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Good morning all!

One of our fellows emailed me a question that she came across while 
studying for her boards:

"I'm studying for my board exam and came across questions re: paraffin 
It reads: best temperature for paraffin embedding is
I am getting some info on Internet that says 58 but is the range lower or 
higher than that? What do we use?"

This seems to me to be an odd question because it depends on the melting 
point of the paraffin in use.  Ours melts at 58C and we embed at 60C, but 
we have also used paraffin that melts at 56C and we embedded at 58C.  Or 
am I missing something?  Does anyone have a clear cut answer to this?

Thanks everyone!


Erin Martin, Histology Supervisor

UCSF  Dermatopathology Service

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