[Histonet] Unsubscribe, Chapter 195

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     I do not disagree at all. in fact, I think it would make for an
interesting management tool. If you have the nicest CV around, but a simple
Histonet archive search for your name + "unsubscribe" shows that you can't
follow simple instructions, it says something about your communication
skills and raises interesting questions about weather you are a good
employment candidate. One might also look for the various incarnations of
misspelled attempts at unsubscribing such as "unscribe" and "unsiscribe".

Just sayin'

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> It is a concern that members of our  technically-oriented career field
> Â have a difficult time understanding the method for unsubscribing to
> Histonet.  There is an  almost- daily posting to "unsubscribe", despite
> the fact that this subject has been addressed literally hundreds of
> times.  When one "joins" Histonet, instructions are provided, should be
> printed out for reference and used if the subscriber decides to leave the
> group.  We are required to be knowledgeable on all manner of technical
> routines requiring detailed instructions and  Histonet is no less clear in
> the methods for joining and "un-joining".  Use them, please.  Fire away -
> I'm retired and I can take the flak!  I do miss my microtome, though...

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