[Histonet] Re: ImmEdge Pap Pen problems

gayle callis gayle.callis <@t> bresnan.net
Thu Nov 14 16:03:00 CST 2013

The problem is using the pen without redistributing the liquid and solid
contents in the pen.   Years ago, the Vector technical service rep said to
shake the daylights out of the pen.   We use a vortex mixer, at highest
speed and press hard, to make sure the contents were well mixed before use.
We then have no problems of the "goo" lifting off the slide when in buffer
or using a solvent fixative for frozen sections after applying the barrier.


We had pens that worked for years as long as we shook (or vortexed)  them
well before applying the barrier around sections.   We used the pens for
both deparaffinized slides (well dried around section) and air dried frozen
section (on dry slides).   


Good luck


Gayle Callis




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