[Histonet] PicroSirius Red in Frozen Sections

Yoanna Bello Arredondo bellopaz19 <@t> yahoo.es
Mon Nov 11 08:37:20 CST 2013


I did a Picrosirius red stain using the polysciences kit in paraffin section cut at 4microns. The stain looks great. Later on my boss asked me to do the picro using the same kit but in frozen section. The stain looks very, very intense. Sections are really red. When looking under the brightfield microscope there is not yellow, the entire tissue is red. Under the polarized microscope, we can see the fiber but no  like the paraffin sections. Does anybody have come across this situation before? Does the picrosirius stain only works for paraffin sections? I will appreciate any feedback on the matter. I have been searching online for a protocol of Picrosirius stain for frozens, but no luck. 

Thank you in advance,

Yoanna Bello 

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