[Histonet] Problems with H&E Bleeding

P.E. Visser pev <@t> xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 4 14:28:33 CST 2013

Dear anna 

I had while working for Baker chemicals, a customer in Germany who had a
similar problem there H&E turned purple. the red disappeared. the
environment around the section contained little red droplets (only visible
under high magnification). after some time (because at first they clamed
noting was changed) it became clear  that they skipped ethanol 100 % and
just used the cheaper 96% instead. when evaluated they tested 3 slides and
that worked. but after 300 - 500 slides the xylene was saturated with water.
eosin being soluble in water migrates from the section to the water emulate
in the xylene. 

so I would test the ethanol you use. 3 times 100% is in my view a must.


I also on time in Scotland was confronted with xylene that was sold as non
recycled, but in fact it was. and sadly the supplier used an open container
to speed up cooling down. the rain was the source of the water. it lead to
several problems and took a long time before the we could find the source of
these problems. 


wish you success with solving yours.

regards piet

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