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I rinse off my microdissection tools right after use, so any gross contamination is gone before it has a chance to dry and stick like superglue. I then soak them in demi water with some handsoap for 15-30 minutes, and scrub with an old toothbrush. To avoid damage to the cutting edges, lay the blade flat against your finger and brush from the spine to the cutting edge. Repeat on the other side. Never brush into the cutting edge!
You don't need pressure for scrubbing, the soak will 'soften' all the stains.
Finally, rinse under running water, shake off excess and blot dry with Kimwipes. You can use compressed air to blow water out of the hinges and small places you can't get at. 
For good measure, I store my tools in a box with some silica packs.


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Hello Fellow Histonetters,

I have some very fine small dissection tools (small Vannas scissors, Dumont #5s, etc) which I use for microdissections (under a dissecting scope.) Afterwards they are often stained with blood or have tissue debris stuck to them. Is there a standard protocol or particular type of soap that you use? I want to get the blood/tissue off, but am afraid of marring/bending the fine tips with scrubbing. I usually soak for a little while in warm soapy water and then lightly clean with a Kim-wipe, but is there a better way? I have also heard some people say they never use soap.
Some of my tools I use with PFA and others I use solely on tissue (no PFA) if that makes a difference in how you clean.

Thanks for any suggestions!

~Ally Langsdorf

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