[Histonet] please I need some imput about Slee microtomes

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Sat May 18 10:22:24 CDT 2013

My question to you is: why are you going to buy a microtome you know nothing about? The microtome is one essential tool in your lab and the quality of the sections depend on it.
Are you going to purchase that "Slee" because of budget constrains? You have to realize that you will get what you pay for, or even it can be expensive and unreliable.
I for one have never heard of that brand.
If the Leica representative does not want to quote you a microtome, visit Leica Microsystems web site and complain about that.
There are several brands of microtomes of great quality, Leica being one of them (for me it is the best), but Microm and the ones sold by Sakura are also good.
Do not rush to buy a microtome that at the end will cause you problems.
Save in other purchases, but not on micrtome.
That is my advise
René J. 

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As I told in earlier mail, we are about to buy a rotary microtome from Slee. Leica distributor is not
giving us any quotation, so it seems that he is not interested on selling microtomes. So we need
you,  the Histonet knowledge, to give us any good or bad experiences you had with this brand.
My kind regards for you all,
Carlos Defeo

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