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We have Histotechnologst 1, 2, 3,  and Lead, Supervisor: We don't have a requirement that they have their HT or HTL certification, but do need specific experience in a histology lab.
All require bachelor's degree with educational qualifications to sit for HT or HTL exam. Most have their HT or HTL. A few new people do not...yet.
1 - entry level bench tech, education equiv to one year experience ,ie some lab work.
2 - having one year histo lab experience
3 - having 4 years experience (Senior tech), 
Lead - having 5 years experience including all aspects of the lab.  
Supervisor, 10 years experience, general supervision and administration. 

Levels 1 and 2 are general bench techs rotating to all areas of the lab
Level 3 is Senior tech who can be made responsible for overseeing one are of the lab, not to work there all the time, but be responsible for making sure everything is ship shape and people have what they need, do validations of stains and equipment. They also can take charge at the times a Lead or Supervisor is not around (ie, early AM or late PM)
Lead Tech does more admin work (in addition to some bench work), troubleshooting, oversees procedure validation, workflow scheduling on the fly, generally keeps the lab running.

Tim Morken
Supervisor, Electron Microscopy/Neuromuscular Special Studies
Department of Pathology
UC San Francisco Medical Center

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We are in the process of updating job descriptions and want to use this opportunity to see how other organizations are handling the difference in job descriptions between HT's and HTL's.  Obviously if you have a different pay schedule for the two positions you need to clearly delineate the job descriptions and specify the increased responsibilities of staff that are HTL's.

I am interested in how other institutions have handled this issue.   In the past we have had the same job description for HT and HTL and have also not had a difference in pay schedules.   I know that some places do not separate the two positions.  Any information that you could share would be helpful as we look into this project.   Thanks

James Vickroy BS, HT(ASCP)

Surgical  and Autopsy Pathology Technical Supervisor Memorial Medical Center

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