[Histonet] PAX-8 background staining Ultra platform

Obregon, Cecilia CObregon <@t> mhs.net
Tue Jun 4 16:34:02 CDT 2013

Anyone running PAX-8 on the Benchmark Ultra succesfully?

I have tried numerous protocols and antibodies, and still not able to obtain good results. I'm getting some background/cytoplasmic staining especially in normal kidney along with nuclear staining in the distal tubules and collecting ducts. I can't seem to completely be able to get it of it without compromising the signal. I have tried the Cell Marque MRQ-50 clone, the Biocare BC12, and now trying the Polyclonal Proteintech ...which looks promising.

It's hard to duplicate the protocols that other institutions have in place mostly because the platforms are different. Our institution only has Ventana platform, and they're suggesting we try their new detection kit for this marker: Optiview. I can't honestly imagine buying a detection for just one antibody...

We currently run UltraView Detection.

Any inputs or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cecilia M. Obregon
Memorial Regional Hospital
3501 Johnson Street
Hollywood, FL 33021
Ph: 954-265-5317

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