[Histonet] re wrinkles in section

Steven Weston Steven.Weston <@t> utas.edu.au
Thu Jul 11 19:31:07 CDT 2013

Hi Margaret,
One possible solution to the wrinkling problem you have is to float your twenty microns onto the slide. I do this regularly with mouse or rat brain by cutting the section and putting it into culture wells with buffer solution. Then once I have completed my sectioning I lift the individual sections using a hockey stick made from a bent glass pasteur pipette (although a good fine paintbrush works as well) and dip them into a 30% ethanol solution briefly and then onto a distilled water bath. When you lower the section onto the water bath (at room temp) it should spread due to surface tension changes, and then you can pick it up onto a charged slide as you would a paraffin section. You then allow the section to dry on the slide. This also removes the OCT and gives you nice sections on clean slide that, once dried, stain well. (I usually dry in a 37 degree incubator overnight).
Hope this helps
Steve Weston
Lab Manager
Breathe-Well Centre of Research Excellence for Chronic Respiratory Disease.

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