[Histonet] bubbles in paraffin blocks & darker blue counterstain

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Wed Jul 10 12:44:25 CDT 2013

RE: tiny bubbles

If the tiny bubbles are a "new" thing it might be humidity causing tiny water droplets to condense in your melted paraffin or on the paraffin pellets/flakes in transport to your lab or in your lab that show up after melting.

RE: too dark AFB blue counterstain

I don't know the auto-stainer you use or the protocol you follow after staining but might not be the machine. If you dehydrate & clear your slides by hand after staining it might be the alcohols. Some techs are known to use absolute alcohol where the 95% is supposed to be in dehydrating before clearing steps. If that is the case, not as much of the blue is removed during the process. 
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