[Histonet] Tissue Processing and Embedding Labs near Baton Rouge

Jake E Heare jheare <@t> lsu.edu
Tue Jan 29 15:58:12 CST 2013

Hi All,

My lab has been doing some fun histology with oyster tissues embedded in paraffin for an upcoming paper we plan to publish. I've got about 50 samples left that need to be processed and embedded but sadly our histology lab on campus has had their main automated tissue processor break down. They can't fix it nor are they willing to replace it. I'm trying to find a lab near Baton Rouge, Louisiana that I could send my remaining samples to for processing and embedding.  I just need a list of labs and the price to have the tissues processed and embedded in paraffin. They don't need to be sectioned or stained because we do all of that in our own lab.

Jake Heare

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