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Do you know or can you get the program they used to process the brain tissue?  Also are they whole or slices of brain (at what thciknees)? 

Pam Marcum 

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Hi everyone: 

While I have sectioned a lot of different stuff, I have not done mouse brain 
before and I am having considerable difficulty.  The brains are fixed and 
were embedded by our pathology department on their automated system.  When 
cutting, the paraffin cuts nicely but the brain tissue shreds as if the 
infiltration was insufficient.  I have re-embedded one, just melted and new 
paraffin then vacuum oven for 2 hours.  The results were the same.  I don't 
know if it would help to re-embed going back to EtOH.  Also, from my distant 
past I recall that when we were paraffin sectioning whole human larynges, 
that the face of the block was soaked by placing a wet gauze pad on it.  I 
know this help but don't remember what the solution was on the pad.  Any 
help would be appreciated. 




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