[Histonet] Re: tricks about antibody generated in human on human

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Good advice given.

Biotinylated primaries to be followed by stAvidin-488 or stABCpx-DAB, for eg.
Or, if biotinylated primary gives good result with above but, at low dilution factor,  use tyramide amplification?

Human- on- human can be just fine, depending on what proteins you want to demonstrate and, in what tissue.
What tissue are you working on?
What tissue prep ( Pwax/frozen)?
You  using patients' serum containing auto-antibodies?

Or, do you have a human that you are injecting human Ags into, then bleeding that person so you can harvest Abs?


NB: You suggested diluting out your secondary...not good as you will just lower your specific signal as well, imho.

Curious Carl

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