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Gale and Pam, people on Histonet love to sit on their soap box and spew out ridiculous statements without any thought behind them at times.  
To say you need to "scale the volume down to a point where it is manageable" (tell that to your boss!!  Whatever!!) is coming from someone who obviously has no working experience in the private sector.  That might work at a research facility but I doubt it, or to say bluh bluh bluh something to do with peanuts and monkeys and the final one is, "The situation in histology will never get better otherwise", REALLY???  

OJT is sometime a necessary route we as supervisor of labs that are experiencing a staffing shortage have to take to acquire the personnel we need to perform the work given.  You have to do what you have to do, find someone to train if that is your only avenue.  In a perfect world we would have qualified Histotechs knocking at our door every time there is an opening and an employer that is throwing money at us.
Please give good sound advice, and stop the ridiculous remarks.  It gets old real fast!!
Good luck Gale!!


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I totally understand hiring only experienced people however; I have a question.?? What do you do when you have no one available and the institute you work for will not help with moving expenses or sign on bonuses??? 

Believe me I know about training OJT today when you are shortstaffed and can't meet salary demands.?? 

Pam Marcum 

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