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Wed Jan 9 12:07:05 CST 2013

Hello Gale,
I normally ask the candidates questions relating to
embedding/cutting/special stains.

For example Special Stains;
-  how do they perform a test for collagen and smooth muscle (answer -
Special Stain "Trichrome").  If they answer correctly with Trichrome,
then ask them WHY Trichrome stain (answer - increases in collagenous
tissues in diseases such as cirrhosis of the Liver)
They just finished the ASCP exam, that mean they should know the
theory, not just memorized them & give back to the text book.

For Embedding;
- how do they perform orientation (ie. G.I., skin, & etc).

For routine Cutting;
- how thick should one cut routine tissues (H&E)
- ___micron thickness Amyloid special stain (should be thick)
- ___micron thickness brain tissues (thick & water-bath temperature is
crucial as well)
- ___micron PAS/D special stain on Kidney tissues

After personal interview, I test potential candidate with embedding &
cutting on site.  Some candidates are great taking theory exam, but
not very good with hands or detail.

This is my way of testing, does not mean it's the correct way.
madeleine_h <@t> elcaminohospital.org

I just found out today I will be doing 2nd interviews for 3 candidates
for a part time Histology position at our hospital on Friday of this
week. These candidates are not histotechs but are willing to do online
training and take ASCP board exam within 24 months. I would appreciate
some help with what questions to ask. I did not attend the 1st
interviews but these were done by our lab manager who does not know a
lot about what we do I histology.............
Thank you!

Gale Limron CT,HT (ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Union Hospital
659 Boulevard
Dover, Ohio 44622
330-343-3311 ext 2562

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