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Paraplast X-TRA made a world of difference.  We did a test TMA using our tissues which were processed with Richard Allen Type 9. The Arraymold was filled with Paraplast X-TRA. I put it in the oven at 40 C for 4 hours, chilled the TMA block and it cut beautifully.  The process was much easier than I thought.  I guess I should of watched the videos first...  Thanks Hugh.
Thanks for your help everyone.

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I agree with Rene, as the "Section shreds" due to inconsistencies caused by type-9 paraffin polymers not lining up correctly.  The difference in paraffins is demonstrated by it's physical differences in the paraffins, such as different melting points.  If you were going to use it for TMA construction, you are going to want to "Temper" the block more thoroughly: More times, longer durations (ie heat overnight, refrigerator 4 hours, heat 2 hours, refrigerator 2 hours, heat 1 hour, cold 1 hour.  Also remember to never freeze paraffin TMA blocks that cause the paraffin to crack (~-30C).

Since you are new at doing this, I would follow the Arraymold directions (like you stated in another email).   It should work as stated on their web site.

We do TMA builds all the time with Paraplast X-tra without issue.

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> Probably the paraffin wax surrounding the cores has not infiltrated them perfectly and you have ended with a TMA block that cannot hold the cores adequately.
> My suggestion is to melt the block again and leave the cores in melted paraffin during at least 1 hour and prepare new blocks that will ha able to hold together better.
> René J.
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> We constructed some TMAs for Validations and when I tried to section the TMA blocks the sections shred.  It's really hard to get a nice ribbon or even a nice section.  I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Has anyone had problems cutting TMAs before?  Any solutions?  We are using the Arraymold instrument.
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